Sunday, 22 July 2012

Saori's birthday!!

Yesterday was Saori's birthday! She just became 20 years old!
So today we HTTs held birthday party for her:)

This morning we made sandwiches.
Ingredients we used were ham, lettuce, cheese, tomato, salmon, tuna.
And some of us bought fruits and muffins!

At lunch time Saori came to university and we sang a birthday song.
She was surprised:Phaha
And we ate sandwiches and desserts outside because it was good weather!
It was like picnic, so very fun!
After that, we gave her birthday card and present:) She looked happy!

Happy birthday, Saori! Let's enjoy another 2 weeks in England!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Trip to Lake district

Hi! Last weekend we went to Lake district:)
This is the place I really wanted to go.

On Saturday, we joined the bus tour.

It was very useful for us because it took us to famous 10 lakes!
However, some of us(especially Yuuri and I) felt travel sick...

Except for this, we had a very very good time in the tour:D
We were able to see such a beautiful scenery! It is called "Surprised view"!

And at night we went to Lake Windermere and walked around it.

It was a cloudy, but very beautiful!!

And on Sunday, we went to the world of Beatrix Potter.
It was so lovely place:) We enjoyed and bought many souvenirs:P

I like Lake district very much!:)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Presentation by HTT

Hi! Today I'd like to write about our presentation about UK or Warwick University
for students from Beijin last Monday:)

We HTT were divided into 4 groups and did presentation about different topic each other.
Then Saori and I did a presentation about shopping and food.
Mainly Saori made some slides and I made a script.
We didn't have enough time to practice, so I was very nervous on that day.
However, anyway I was careful to speak slowly and clearly.
During our presentation, some girl students were interested in shopping and
they started to take some pictures:D
Presentation by other HTT members were interesting!

After that, we HTT and students from Beijin were divided into 4 groups and
had a conversation. It was also interesting:)
At that time they said to us, "It was nice presentation. Thank you!"
I was very glad to hear that:)

This presentation became our good experience!
Penny, thank you so much:D

Monday, 25 June 2012

Presentation skill

Hi:) Today I'd like to introduce about an useful site for making presentations Penny taught us!
The name of the site is Prezi. By using this, we can make presentations easily.
And it makes our presentation more interesting:D
Actually it was a little hard for me to use this because I'm not good at using computer:(
However, I wanna get used to using this site!
I think presentation skill is very important for teachers.
And next week we have an opportunity to give our presentation for students from Beijin.
It must be our good experience!

This is my presentation about Hiroshima!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A part of my UK life

Hi:) Today I'd like to write about a part of my UK life!
Last Wednesday we had "Bring Dish"party in Warwick university.
We talked with other Japanese students and foreign students.
And we ate a lot and listened musical performances.
I had a great time:D

And last Thursday we HTT, Kansai university students and open university in Hong-Kong
students were divided into 3 groups each other and took classes.
In my class, we were divided into small groups and discussed many topics.
Actually at first I was very nervous and lost confidence for myself a little because
other students could speak English much fluently than me!
However, I did my best to talk as much as possible and could make new friends:D
It was a very good experience for me!

In addition, yesterday we ate dinner with Miao-san, who is Chinese, and her friends.:)
We had a very good time, so time passed very quickly.
If I have an opportunity, I wanna talk with them again:D

I think all things that happens in UK will become my good experience(*^^*)

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hi! In last Russell's class, we used wallwisher and made presentation about sightseeing spots.
My group made presentation about Edinburgh.
This site is very useful because we can make presentation easily and use pictures and videos.
This is our presentation:) Please look and enjoy!